Welcome to Suretech College of Nursing Recognised by INC,MNC,& MUHS,Nasik.

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Our Philosophy

The profession of nursing contributes to the heath and well being of individuals, families, organizations, and communities. The institution will be as ideal academic center by focusing on desirable standard of teaching environment and will adopt innovative advance technology. The institution will impart the knowledge develop skills competency and positive attitude for active participation in health care delivering system. Nursing practice and education should occur in diverse and inclusive environment. Nursing care includes the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health. Our nurse is qualified through licensure, demonstrated competence and a commitment to professional development through lifelong learning.


"Our Job as nurse is to cushion the sorrow and celebrate the joy everyday, while we are just doing our jobs."

Our Parent Hospital


A Green Hospital Building can be defined as one which enhance patient well being , aids the curative process, while utilising natural resources in an efficient environment -friendly manner. As a premier medical center, we stand for clinical excellence and innovation. And as a proud of our community for over year two decades, we stand with our physician’s nurses and staff in delivering skilled, compassionate care. But the most of all, we stand with our patients, who inspire us to heal, teach and discover, every single day.

Our Green Hospital Features

A refreshing change in healthcare

Our hospital is made in such a way that it uses Natural light from the sky (Direct & Diffused) into the building, so as to reduce the use of electric energy for lighting.
Green House Keeping
We use efficient and effective claening method for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Using herbal and organic cleaning products that meet enviromental standards. We do waste recycling. Personnel are trained for safe handling and dispoal of hospital waste.
Indoor Air Quality

We used to certain spices of plans which not only produce oxygenbut also reduce indoor pollutants like (VOC) Volatile Organic Compound From air. We have made ample courtyard space with native and adaptive plant species , which are free from any alergic effect.We use Zero-VOC interior material.

Garden & Landscapes

Gardens & landscapes are an aesthetic delight and promotes wellness of patients in hospital. Persons exposed to plans have higher levels of positive feelings (pleasantness, calm) as opposed to negative feelings (anger, fear).


We have copper based interior materials. Recent research also shows that copper is a good material for common touch surfaces in hospital door handles, light switches, faucets, countertops, etc. Due to its microbial resistant properties. Use-indoors & flooring which do not emit / absorb / re-release indoor pollutants such as VOC's and dust.

Can reduce patient recovery time. Eleminates Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) for both patients and staff. Reduces stress in Hospital worker, thereby imporving the quality of care. Lower energy and water consumption.
I chose Suretech College of Nursing because the Registered Nursing program is one of the best in the state. I didn’t know I’d also enjoy small classes and one-on-one attention from teachers. Questions get answered. Teachers know me.
Pravin Paithane
I feel fortunate to be a student of this college. We are blessed with very senior and experienced faculty. The college has a very conducive atmosphere for education and research. It also allows one to continue their higher studies in the same college up to doctoral lever.
Triveni Bansode
I had a brilliant experience in the Suretech College of Nursing RANM program. The closeness of the Suretech College community, being valued as students, the excellence of the staff, the open-door policy, and openness to student input were appreciated.
Ashutosh Narkhekar